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About Us


We understand that most photographers would rather be out taking pictures or manipulating their photos than messing with code. Our mission is to provide the technology to give photographers their own bespoke portal to the world where they can display and sell their work.


With years of experience in providing photo agencies and professional photographers with custom-designed software and hosting, Pixy Asia Co., Ltd was founded in August 2007 to meet the growing needs of today’s photographers. With the advent of photoblogs and digital SLR camera’s finally becoming affordable, the first service to launch was PixyBlog.

PixyBlog is a comprehensive and easy-to-use photoblogging service for amateur and professional photographers alike. Using primarily open-source software and with the assistance of some of the most distinguished photographers, PixyBlog was launched at the beginning of 2008. For the most up-to-date news check-out our news blog.


A special thanks goes to these great photobloggers who helped us get where we are today:

Also the long-term support and guidance of Tony Gale from Pictorial Press is and has always been wholly appreciated.